Updates on the Children Home - Nov 2020


India has been severely affected by the Covid-19 situation, and as part of the prevention measures implemented by the various state governments, our hostels had to be closed and children sent home to their parents. Tentatively, in some states, the hostels might open up in January after the holidays.

For about 3-4 months beginning in April, the construction of the hostels had to come to a stop due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but construction has picked up again.

Our Khandwa Boys Hostels (Madhya Pradesh) - construction is going on in full swing, and hopefully will be completed enough to provide accommodation for the first batch of 60 boys.

Our Nandurbar Girls Hostel (Maharastra) - Main hall construction is going on, and the first floor is expected to be completed by Feb 2021. Some of the older girls are currently housed in the two rooms whose construction has been completed.



What is ‘Roof for a Child’?

‘Roof for a Child’ is a campaign that was started  in 2015 to raise awareness  and support for the education and lodging infrastructure of children from the very lowest strata of society.These hostels are built near good government schools and provides an opportunity for children to get a good standard of education, and get exposure to career opportunities.


  • These children live in the most rural parts of India, where education and awareness of its need are still dismally low.

  • Their parents are among the poorest in their villages, which forces the parents to send the children to work to augment the family income

  • Their parents are from the lowest strata of the society.


We now have a great track record of completing these homes on target within budget, and due to our excellent volunteers, there is zero management overhead with funds utilized fully towards construction costs.